Testing the testicles

Well the semen analysis went as expected. Awkwardly successful. Blood test is a blood test. Nothing special to report, but I do have an appreciation for someone who handles the needle well. I hardly felt a thing this time. But the testicular ultrasound, now there is a new experience.

My dream urologist (female that I do not find attractive) happened to be working as an ultrasound technician. She was very nice and considerate that this was a very awkward situation for me. She hands me a towel and explains how I am to cover my private area while leaving the testicles exposed. At first I found this very odd. Then I realized this was just to keep the fella out-of-the-way while leaving the testicles exposed. I followed the instructions and signaled that I was ready. The technician proceeded to slather my testicles with some sort of lubricating jelly. I was very thankful it was warm. As she moved the ultrasound device around my testicles she proceeded to take several pictures of the blood flow and of the testicles themselves. I was fascinated about what the images were telling her and couldn’t take my eyes of the computer screen.

Considering the debacle of my previous tests this one was rather relaxing. All things considered, I’d rather have a massage, but this wasn’t too bad. Now it is just waiting for the results from the urologist in a few days.

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