Monthly Archives: April 2012

And the torture continues

After 4 weeks of poking myself in the stomach every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, I finally had my blood test to see if the HCG is increasing the testosterone levels. Which I didn’t need a blood test to confirm they had, but it’s nice to have confirmation. That means 8 more weeks for a total of 24 more shots I get to give myself.

As an added bonus, the rich folks trying to lose weight drove the price up again. Now it is more expensive to poke myself each time.

The final torture, and the reason I already knew my testosterone increased…my libido is through the roof! I went from wanting it all the time to needing it all the time. While my wife is on medication with the side effect of suppressing her libido.

It maybe the way I’m administering the shot is different from how you would if you are wanting to achieve weight-loss, but I haven’t seen any weight reduction.

I scheduled my date with the folding chair at the beginning of June, so we shall see.

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