Round and round

Here is the list of pharmacies I called that deal in the special fertility drugs we required.

  • Freedom Pharmacy
  • Prosperity
  • Apothecary
  • Walgreens
  • South Miami Pharmacy

I called each of them in turn, gathering prices and building a spreadsheet of costs. Make sure to ask if they have any special members program for discounts. Some forgot to mention this until I inquired about it. Make sure to ask about shipping costs, as some have free shipping and other don’t. And asks about the costs for needles and syringes. Many pharmacies include them free of charge, but some don’t.

As I went through the list I began to panic, only 1 had Ganirelix available. I kept getting, “we are out and we have no estimate when we might receive more.” Not good when you are just over a week away from starting the IVF program. Finally I called South Miami Pharmacy, they also have Ganirelix, but mentions that Cetrotide does the same thing and would save us about $300. It would have been nice if I had been given that option from the nurse so I could compare those prices. I call the nurse and she said there would be no problem if we used Cetrotide instead of Ganirelix. That leads to calling all the other pharmacies back to get a price quote on Cetrotide.

Looking over my spreadsheet I notice if I split the prescription between two pharmacies I could save an additional $100. The nurse was happy to do that for us and we will be getting a big box of drugs tomorrow.

I also contacted the financial partner our clinic uses and secured financing for the IVF procedure. Silly me thought I could include the cost of the drugs in the financing, turns out you can’t. Glad I still have that tax refund to cover this or I would be very upset. So I ended up securing a lot more than we need. The finance people said they would be coordinating with the doctor’s office to just finance the amount we need.

I told the nurse that for future patients, they need to come up with a fancy medical name for a procedure that involves handing the patient a check for $3000 to cover the drugs. Even if they charged a handling fee, it would be a big help to patients.

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