The date is set

My wife hates looking stupid. I hate looking stupid. That means in our pursuit to avoid looking stupid, we end up looking stupid. That’s what happened last Friday when the receptionist told us our primary doctor would be at the beach office today. I thought she was talking about our normal clinic office close to our house. My wife was aware they had 2 more satellite offices, knew it wasn’t our normal location, but thought she was talking about the one closer to us. Since neither of us wanted to question the receptionist about her use of the term “beach office”, we ended up agreeing to the appointment at the office farthest from our house. We didn’t need to see our primary doctor. Other than our consultation visits, we haven’t seen him. Most of our procedures have been performed by our primary nurse, or the guy my wife refers to as Dr Pain. Dr. Pain has his own primary patients, but performs procedures on other patients if you schedule it on the day his rotation is at your chosen facility. He just happened to be the doctor on duty at our clinic both times my wife had the procedures requiring a catheter. Dr. Pain is very nice, but very matter of fact. On Friday he was out the door before I realized he was done.

Even though we had to drive for an hour and a half, this worked out for the best. Our primary doctor has more of an instructor personality. He will go over what he is looking for and the reason behind it, whether you are interested or not. I am interested, so I find him fascinating. He explained how the goal is to have as many follicles between 18mm and 22mm. Those are where the doctors are pretty confident fully mature eggs reside. Right now they are anticipating about 9 follicles in that range on the egg retrieval day. They will extract eggs from smaller follicles as well, but the odds are lower they are mature enough to work once fertilized.

Our primary nurse is back from vacation on Wednesday, so our next visit is at our local clinic on Thursday. The doctor was 99% sure we would be giving the HCG shot Thursday evening for egg retrieval on Saturday. I’ve set up the countdown clock. Trying to stay cautiously optimistic, but my success at that is waning.

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  1. Good luck to you both!

  2. Debbie Brownell

    I wish you all the best. Much love.

  3. that’s wonderful! I wish yall all the best!!

  4. Good luck with your cycle! How exciting that the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here! Wishing you the best. 🙂

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