Searching for a relaxing day

Since we started the stimulation shots, it feels like I’ve been constantly busy worrying about something. That something mostly revolving around drugs of some sort. But now that we are coming upon the end of this part of the journey, I’m finally feeling relaxed. No more worrying about taking my pill twice a day. I’m finished, for now, with having to order more drugs from the specialty pharmacy and making sure someone will be home to sign when they arrive. The anxiety of giving my wife a shot no longer bothers me.

Last night I came home to a wonderful chicken and rice dinner the wife prepared, where we had an interesting conversation about sore, swollen boobs. We raided the goodies from the hurricane supplies we thankfully didn’t need. Sat together on the couch watching the hurricane coverage to make sure our relatives in Alabama were safe. Laughed and joked about the idiots on TV trying to stand up and talk into a microphone in the middle of the storm. We then finished the night giving each other shoulder rubs. This morning I made pancakes and we laughed at each others weird dreams. Yes I still had to give her shots, but my head is no longer obsessing about them. I’m feeling really good, almost normal. The wife is dealing with the discomfort of swollen boobs and swollen ovaries, but her mood is pretty good too.

A couple of weeks ago I connected this blog up with google in the hope of helping others, so their search engine can find this blog. As a bonus, I get a nifty report telling me what people searched for when they list this blog in their results. So today I looked at the list and found:

— “my wife hates me ivf too expensive”

I’m sorry your wife hates you and I completely understand thinking ivf is too expensive for you. I would shop around. You may have been referred to a clinic that has a high price tag. I felt the same way and lucked out that our clinic’s rates are reasonable enough for us to afford it. If in the end you just can’t afford ivf, her seeing you make the effort should stop her hatred of you. (I would still sleep on the couch for a while until she gives you a thumbs up.)

— “male torture”

Either you have real psychological issues, or you are in a troubling relationship and need assistance. Please get some help. I feel like I should call the police, but I’m not sure what I would tell them.

— “male troture”

See previous answer and a typing or spelling course may also be of benefit.

— “What do they do in the consultation for IVF for the male?”

I hope this person came to this blog and found some answers. Unfortunately those answers are simply ejaculate in this cup and stick this needle into your wife’s bum. But I’d like to think I’m helping somebody.

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  1. The swollen ovaries are the worst! I’m glad you and your wife are dealing with all of the madness so well! Gives me hope that maybe we won’t be super overwhelmed once our IVF process starts!

    • Well…hah! I describe it as PMS on crack. But once we knew it was the meds, I knew not to take anything she said personally. She knew she could vent without feeling guilty afterward. That and focusing on our tasks helped out a lot. She has also been going to acupuncture for anxiety and that is helping too.

      Who knows. I may be a nutcase on Friday. But right now things are pretty good.

  2. Haha!! This one made me laugh out loud.. although I’ve heard the IVF meds can make a woman just a weeeeee bit more emotional than usual. Hence, male torture!

    • The male torture was when I was on meds increasing my testosterone, and libido, while the wife’s meds for anxiety were suppressing hers. But I doubt that is what this individual was searching for. O_o

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