MFI Condoms

Struggling with how to tell your girlfriend you suffer from male factor infertility? Unsure how to bring up the topic in conversation? Scared how she will react to the news? Or just tired of being asked to wear a condom to avoid pregnancy, when you know it isn’t doing a god damn thing?

Introducing MFI Condoms!

Picture the scene. An intimate evening, together in each others arms. She whispers in your ear, “Put on a condom.” Choose a MFI Condom and watch the magic happen!

Scientifically designed so the tip tears open, allowing you to enjoy the moment as nature intended. When finished, discretely dispose of the condom. If she notices the condom broke, calmly explain there is no risk of pregnancy because of your male factor infertility. Then watch her rejoice in your ability to shoot blanks!


  • Using MFI Condoms orally may result in the end of your relationship.
  • Not intended to prevent HIV or STD’s.
  • Only use spermicide with MFI Condoms if you plan on blaming it for the condom breaking. You’re infertile, you don’t need spermicide!
  • Do not use if either you or your partner is allergic to latex. We do carry a non-latex product at double the price.
  • Do not try blowing up MFI Condoms using air or water. Hand it to your buddy and watch it pop in his face.
  • Ask your doctor if you are healthy enough for sexual activity
  • If an erection lasts longer that 4 hours, seek medical attention.
  • Ivfmale Inc. is not responsible if you are caught because you were stupid enough not to hide the wrapper with the warning label “This Product does not prevent pregnancy.” The FDA makes us put that warning on the wrapper. That’s what the blank stickers provided were for.
  • Shameless plug for Dpchallenge.
  • Results may vary. Some women be crazy.
  • Product was not intended to be used by women to trick fertile men into getting them pregnant.
  • If pregnancy does result from use of product. First get a DNA test to make sure the baby is yours! If results are positive, cherish that miracle everyday, because you likely will not get another one.

Get your woman to celebrate your male factor infertility. Ask your doctor about MFI Condoms!
Available only by prescription.
For a limited time only. Free IQ test with each refill order.

© copyright 2011-2012

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Just a guy dealing with infertility.

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