Idiots are Ageless

Hi Mom!

For this weeks challenge, we are being asked to write about a controversial topic. And the question for the chosen topic is…

How do you feel about children in adult-oriented places?

No, not strip clubs and titty bars. Of course not those places you perv. We’re talking about fancy restaurants, art museums, symphonies or plays at a theater. The root of the question is: “How do you feel about children in locations where adult behavior is expected?” And that my friends is where the question falls flat on its face.

I’ve met some very well behaved children that I would have no problem sitting nearby while I ate my $60 steak. Are these kids perfect…of course not, they’re just kids. They act up, the parents correct them, and the evening continues. If that isn’t enough, the parents will remove the child until the child calms down. More than likely those types of parents would hire a sitter next time and try again when the child is a little older.

I’ve also been embarrassed by adults that should really know better. Climbing on a statue for a photograph when there is even a sign posted, “Please do not climb on statue.” Or the time some jerk threw a whole bale of hay into the bonfire almost burning the party host’s house down. I can’t help but wonder if they would behave better as adults, if their parents actually taught them etiquette by including them in activities where proper behavior was expected.

I say if you are wanting to teach your children how to behave like an adult, you should expose them to situations requiring that behavior. If you have no interest in your child’s behavior, then please get a sitter; but more than likely you’re going to be annoying me anyway with phone beeps while texting with your friends all evening.

For me, restricting children from these events depends on if the child is ready to learn these lessons, and each child is different. This happens to be one of those lessons I had tucked away for my child. I was willing to risk leaving a pleasant evening early over a misbehaved child to teach lessons that would be beneficial for the rest of their lives. Just as my parents did with me.

Now if we could just ban idiots. In my Venn Diagram parents who don’t watch their children are already included.

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  1. Big pet peeve: watching parents let their children run rampant while they text or scroll through their cell phones. Facebook is not that important! 🙂

    • My point exactly! Those parents/idiots would still be annoying me anyway even if they did leave their kids at home. Can you imagine going to a symphony hearing…

      It’s bad enough dealing with it at the movies.

  2. Very funny post! We took my oldest out to a chinese restaurant when he was a toddler. He was very well behaved, as usual, but have to say I was embarrased by all the rice he accidentally let fall from where he was eating. Looked like it snowed in there! Gave the waiter a bigger tip to say sorry.

    • I was once in a very nice restaurant and the waiter knocked my wine all over my lap. It forever cured me of feeling sorry for any waiters. But I still try to treat them with respect. 🙂

      It’s nice that you raised the tip.

  3. good post!!! I agree that as long as a child is behaved I have no issue with them in adult places…its the parents responsibility to teach their children how to behave…oh and I know some adults who behave worse than children when they get some alcohol in them

  4. Great post for the challenge! We would usually take our kids for dinner in places that catered for children. If going out fine dining – it was definitely a baby-sitter (more fun and relaxed that way)

    • No doubt, and my parents had plenty of “Date Nights” without us. But once in a while we would be included.

      When I was 11 and my sister was 6, our parents took us to a very nice restaurant. And I remember it still.
      – We were threatened with the beating of our lives if we misbehaved. (Mainly for my sister…I was the good kid. 😉 )
      – We ate early to avoid the crowd.
      – We were seated away from other customers
      – I learned if you don’t put your napkin in your lap, the waiter will do it for you, and what fork to use first.

      Now I’m sure my parents told me about the napkin and fork before this. But something about applying the lesson made it stick.

      A few weeks ago when I took my wife out for fine-dining to celebrate our anniversary, I remembered that lesson from my childhood. It just pops in my head for some reason.

      My wife and I sat down next to 4 senior ladies for a nice quiet dinner. Three of the ladies you would think they were mutes, unless you actually paid attention while they spoke. The fourth woman was loud and obnoxious! Everyone in a 20 ft. radius heard her side of the conversation. So instead of having a nice quiet conversation with my wife, I had to listen to this chick blather on about crap the whole time.

  5. I once read a funny story about how stupid people should wear a sign to indicate this. Idiots definitely should have a sign!

    • There are inconsiderate adults, that’s for sure! My husband and I were in an expensive restaurant once, just starting our meal, when a loud mouthed bore came in and took over the atmosphere. The manager apologized but said there was really nothing he could do. So, we apologized saying ok then, we had to do what we had to do then, and got up and left.

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