Courtesy of Mrs. Wanner.

Courtesy of Mrs. Wanner.

Your touch dances upon the surface of my skin.

My breath is stolen by the smell of your sweet kiss.

I break out in a smile feeling the warmth of your gaze.

For I have found in your loving embrace…


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Just a guy dealing with infertility.

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  1. Love the pic!!

  2. Love your pup! My husband and I just got a cockertese that looks just like Bandit. Your blog has been fun to read and nice to see pictures of what our pup may look like. Thanks for sharing!

  3. What training approach did you take with Bandit? Just curious how difficult housebreaking was.

    • We took him out often giving him a treat immediately after going and telling him “Good Boy”. Then we hung a bell next to the door he could reach and rung it every time we went out so he would associate the bell with going outside. If we caught him in the middle of an accident we would get upset at the spot he had the accident then took him outside. If we saw the accident after the fact it really is too late for training and just clean it up.
      Now he rings the bell when the need calls and rarely has accidents anymore. Hope that helps.

  4. Thanks so much, I have heard about the bell training before. We will work ok getting a bell this weekend and see how it goes! Cross your fingers!!

    • The tricky part with the bell is getting the puppy to associate the ringing with the need to go to the bathroom and not going outside and attention. We struggled with bandit ringing the bell to go outside and play. I would suggest taking the puppy out while ringing the bell for a potty break, then go back inside for a few minutes, then back outside without ringing the bell for play time and attention. That may help avoid the issue.

  5. We received the bells this week, so far he is not paying them much attention. Thanks again for e tips, we will try that. How much do you anticipate Bandit weighing? Did you by any chance get him in Florida? He is just such a rare breed and I can’t get over how much he looks like ours.

    • Bandit will weigh around 20 lbs. and be 11 inches at the shoulder.
      The bells take a bit for the puppy to associate them properly. Like teaching a kid how to talk, just keep at it and eventually they seem to catch on.
      Honestly, given the amount of time between when we got Bandit and you your puppy, it wouldn’t surprise me if you didn’t buy him from a woman named Bonnie in a small Florida city with the initials P.C. on the East Coast. It’s about that time for her to be selling off a new litter.

  6. YES! You are exactly right, I just had a feeling that they were both bought from Bonnie. What a small world!

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