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I have dreamed a dream…

but now that dream is gone from me. – Morpheus

A Dream Lost

By Matthew Wanner

Oh how I have dreamed,
for years allowed to grow.
A face, a smile, a love,
that one day I would know.

Choices have been pondered,
to make this world your own.
The name, rules, and school,
to mold until you’ve grown.

Lessons carefully collected,
to help along the way.
Requirement that is no more,
on the shelf they’ll forever stay.

Facing challenges with earnest,
a journey filled with strife.
Hoping to grant one gift,
the precious gift of life.

Alas the battle was lost,
this dream must be set free.
Leaving me only to grieve,
the person you will never be.

Farewell my sweet dream,
for I can no longer view.
A new one must be found,
a dream without you.

© copyright 2011-2012

Power of positive emotion

I’m finding keeping my emotions in check to be increasingly difficult. I know this procedure has less than a 40% chance of being successful. I’ve read other blogs talking about the heartache of going through the process without success. But I find myself dangerously excited nonetheless. It is hard not too.

I originally started this blog as an outlet for myself to get some things off my chest. I planned to wait until we received the BFP (big fat positive) or BFN (big fat negative) before telling anyone close to me. The stress of going through this was enough, I just wanted to avoid a list of phone calls I had to make to give updates. I then came to realize this is a good way to distribute information from a central platform. It avoids the need to repeat myself over several phone conversations. So I let a few people close to me know about my blog. They seem to find it informative, interesting and agree that this is a good way to easily keep others in the loop as our progress continues. Today we decided to include a few more family and friends. I can make a post the moment I have any information and avoid the dilemma of whom I should call first. It is proving to be one of my better decisions.

Anyway, my shot technique appears to be working. All the medication stayed in with minimal pain.

The wife feels bad about me having to drive to her work the rest of this week to give her the shot, but I really don’t mind. It was important to keep her mornings free for the ultrasound visits, therefore she requested the evening shift all this week. I’m just glad that after 3 weeks they finally fixed the air conditioning at her work.

© copyright 2011-2012