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Dear IVFmale, Fun IVF games

It is becoming clear to me that Bandit is more popular with the search engines than I am. Which perplexes me since I only have a few posts dealing with our new puppy. “Cock tese” has been my top search hitter the last few weeks. I went to Mr. Google and typed in “cock tese” and my website was the first one! I then tried it on the image search and saw…

Well no wonder he is getting so many hits. Who could possibly resist that face!

Let’s see what else the list has this week.

—menopur green box

I guess someone was wanting a picture of menopur in a green box for some reason. Who knows.

Yes menopur comes in a green box.

—wife pressed
—insemination games

Either someone is messing with me, or my blog is getting some word of mouth advertising and this is how they found me. Strangely enough, both options I think are positives.

What else…several I’ve already answered…oh this one looks good!

—fun games to explain ivf


I’m just going to assume this is a school teacher looking for activities to help explain IVF. I think I can come up with a few…

Instead of pin the tail on the donkey you could play “Poke the infertile with a syringe.” Have the kids cut out paper syringes. Put a little tape on the back of each one. Put up a poster of a woman’s lower back and draw circles on both sides by the hipbone. Blindfold, spin and send forward. Whomever is closest wins!

How about fresh semen relay races? Fill a small paper cup with milk. Have a team of 3 members. First is the donor, second is the technician, third is the embryologist. Have them run around a track passing the cup to each stage. Penalties for each ounce of milk spilled. First team to cross the finish with the fewest penalties wins!

Or maybe an “unhealthy sperm grab bag.” Collect a bunch of dead AA batteries, add 2 or 3 good AA batteries. Then have the kids pick them out of a bag. Plug them into some device needing an AA battery and if it turns on…they win a prize.

Does anyone else have any suggestions for games to help explain IVF to kids?

Now if this is an infertility party for adults to help explain IVF, well then…

Pee on a stick! Points off for getting it on your hands.

Try to achieve an erection in a bathroom on a folding chair while people talk about what you are doing on the other side of the door! Fastest wins.

Instead of the the 2ww have the 10 minute wait. Sit on a chair holding 2 electrodes. If you move, you get shocked. If you last the 10 minutes you may get shocked, or you may get a cookie.

The female pumped up on hormones game. If the male can last 10 minutes of verbal abuse and frantic crying, he wins a prize.

Any more ideas for the adult infertility party?

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