13 weeks later

That’s right. I’m still working out twice a week and progress is being made. In spite of my birthday, my wife’s birthday and Easter all working against me to satisfy my sweet tooth, (which I would call a controlled failure), I’m still here fighting the good fight.

Looking in the mirror I can see my face shrinking. I’m looking more like the person I think I am and not the fat guy I actually was. My shirts are no longer tight around my belly and instead are tight in the sleeves. My arms aren’t slabs of flab anymore and are hard as rocks. I can’t stop touching and squeezing them. OMG I have a man crush on my own arms.

My man boobs are disappearing and being replaced with actual muscles. My legs are solid and my flexibility and balance are coming back to me. Allowing me to practice my Tae Kwon Do kicks. I’m teaching my workout partner these kicks and we are having a blast kicking the crap out of his “Wave Master” bag.

Best of all, I’m now on the first belt hole. In 13 weeks I’ve gone from hole 5 to hole 1. Soon I’ll be able to fit into my size 36 pants that I’ve been keeping for 4 years in the hopes of fitting into them again. My mid section has shrunk from a full sized spare tire to a hatchback donut spare tire.  (Mmmmmm donuts!)

I still have a lot of work ahead of me, but I’ve made good progress so far. I need to rid my life of the liars that make me feel bad about myself, and the biggest liar in my life right now is that damn bathroom scale! It’s saying I’m still 230 pounds. I guess when the fat is gone and the scale is still saying 230 I’ll just have to accept it.

Lucky for me there aren’t any special events in the near future to temp me. My goal is to gain control of my late night hunger and hopefully the scale will start being nicer to me.

Oh look, they put another cake in the cube next to me.

Damn it!

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Just a guy dealing with infertility.

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  1. Hey! Awesome progress! I have also had a crush on my arms before. Nothing like a nice toned bicep to make you feel good about yourself 🙂 Oh, and cube cake is evil; you can totally resist!

  2. amazing! well done and keep up the good work! My DH is always working out and gets so disheartened when the scales don’t move but his body just looks so different – he’s a completely different shape! so don’t listen to those stupid scales, they are liars!

    • I can completely relate. Last time I was at this spot on my belt I was under 210 lbs. I try ignoring Mr. Scale but he just keeps begging me to step on him.

  3. Ditto. I’ve lost a couple of sentimetres from my waist, but have been toning my arms and thighs and bum like crazy and my scales are showing the same number. I need one of those giant gym scales that shows your body fat percentage, not just weight. I love that you have a man crush on your arms… i find myself squeezing mine all the time, with a dopey grin on my face…

  4. lisaliteration

    Way to go!! Slow, steady progress is better than instant results that won’t last. If seeing the number on the scale makes you feel like you’re not making progress, hide the scale and let the changes in your appearance, clothing sizes, and general health and well-being speak for themselves. Keep it up!

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