Wrapping Up Infertility

I’ve found what I consider the perfect gift for an infertile.

Feel free to believe the fact I appear to be riding the roller coaster to be pure photographic brilliance on my part.

Feel free to believe the fact I appear to be riding the roller coaster to be pure photographic brilliance on my part.

Give your fellow infertile the gift of a bottle of Roller Coaster Wine. Each sip of the wine brings with it a different flavor. Travel the twist and turns from a Syrah to a Petite Sirah. The hills and valleys from Merlot to Cabernet Sauvignon. Feel the rush traveling through Zinfandel, Cabernet Franc, Barbera, Petit Verdot, Carignane, then finish off through the corkscrew of a Malbec and Grenache!

Produced by Meeker Vineyard’s, every sip is like a trip to the doctor’s office. You never know if the next sip will be one you’ll enjoy, or one you’ll regret, but you keep drinking anyway.

Soon you’ll be suffering the 2 minute wait while your partner takes their time finishing their own glass. Then you test to find out if the bottle can fill the glasses again for the ride to continue, or if the bottle is empty causing the ride to abruptly end.

With 14.6% alcohol, this wine has the power to have you flying on top of the world one moment, then knock you flat on your ass the next. Leaving you writhing in pain wondering if when you get past the agony is it worth opening another bottle, or is it time to just throw in the towel.

This bottle of wine wraps up nicely how the year 2012 was for me. Full of joy, wonder, hope, pain and agony, but opening the bottle was still well worth it.

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About ivfmale

Just a guy dealing with infertility.

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  1. That is def potent wine!!!

  2. Infertility is definitely a roller coaster. Hang in there. It will happen when it is meant to.

  3. Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas. We, too, enjoy wine…we are hobby wine makers and there is nothing like a glass (or 3) on a depressing day. It is something we do as a couple that really brings us together to focus on each other rather than our infertility.
    Through this whole process we have learned more than we could ever imagine about this process and we continue to learn more each day through others experiences on top of our own and even more still today at our wtf appointment. It’s amazing.
    Cheers to you and may you be blessed with the thing you both deserve most in the world.

  4. This is funny- thanks for the laugh. I love my community of infertiles! Happy holidays.

  5. Definitely have to try to find that! Thank you for sharing all of your stories, they really helped me understand the male aspect of infertility. I hope the best for all of us “fertility-challenged” in the next year!

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